As a Computational Social Scientist, Professor Sandra Matz unveils a brand-new field of expertise, relating Big Data analyses to our psychology. Understanding our behavior from our clicks, our likes, or even our profile pictures is the promise of a much more personalized experience online—That is, as long as we keep things ethical and understand […]

Apprentissage du code pour les décideurs de demaine

“I urge leaders to learn coding, to step through the looking glass in order to become enlightened decision-makers, visionaries in a rapidly changing world and to lead teams towards tomorrow”. With this parable from Alice in Wonderland, the digital mechanic and founder of In Silico Veritas, Aurélie Jean, gives a talk at USI’s 10th edition […]

Kevin Kelly à la conférence USI 2017

“Artificial intelligence is already at work everywhere today, but we can’t see it yet because we assimilate it to our current systems and mechanisms.” For Kevin Kelly, co-founder and executive editor of Wired since 1992, the combination between new technologies and human intelligence is nonetheless the driver of twelve ‘inevitable’ trends. Far from being pessimistic, […]