Kevin Kelly à la conférence USI 2017

“Artificial intelligence is already at work everywhere today, but we can’t see it yet because we assimilate it to our current systems and mechanisms.” For Kevin Kelly, co-founder and executive editor of Wired since 1992, the combination between new technologies and human intelligence is nonetheless the driver of twelve ‘inevitable’ trends. Far from being pessimistic, […]

Kevin Kelly, auteur de The Inevitable, évoquant notamment le futur de l'intelligence artificielle

The title may seem fatalistic, yet Kevin Kelly’s latest best-seller, The Inevitable is anything but that. Futurist, environmentalist, and philosopher, Kevin Kelly is someone who illuminates our future—in every sense of the word—and proposes solutions. Privacy, artificial intelligence, media, technological trends … Kelly’s piercing analysis of our future shakes all our certainties. Read on…