5 tips from Paul

Hey newbies! For those who don’t know me yet, I’m Paul, USI veteran. My job is to let you in some of the tips and tricks I acquired over the past 8 years at USI and help you make the most of the Conference.

Today, I’ll give you the cards you need to win your way into the best digital conference in Europe.

Speaker on stage at USI

Tip #1: a unique speaker Line-up

Maybe your boss thinks he can find a better group of international speakers in a French conference. Let him try! All you need is to show him the record of previous guests: Chris Anderson, Juan Enriquez, Martin Fowler, Salim Ismail, Cédric Villani, Peter Norvig, Philippe Starck… USI makes it!

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Tip #2: an in-depth understanding of digital

USI is not just a conference. It’s a debate which brings together top figures in digital trends, scientists, tech gurus, entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, philosophers, and more than 1500 attendees.

If you think about it, new technologies are just one side of the coin. USI covers as many topics as management issues, new business models, strategies, opportunities, etc.
This overall approach considers all aspects of digital transformation, without ever forgetting quality (well, you saw the line-up!).

All you need to dig a little deeper.

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Tip #3: you’ll become a solid asset to your company

Your boss knows the urgency to adapt and prep’ his teams. Meaning: finding new sources of inspiration, anticipating disruption, improving management, meeting new challenges, etc. That’s precisely what you’ll get from USI’s speakers: the latest practices and insights, straight from today’s world.
Learn from the best and share that knowledge with your colleagues. Soon enough, you’ll become the expert your company needs!

Personally, I’d say USI is a rush!
You simply get empowered by this grand venue with kick-ass speakers. Not to mention the excellent openings to network.

USI… the best source of inspiration (and motivation) you can get!

People talking at USI

Tip #4: the Early Bird rates

The sooner your boss gives his blessing the less expensive it’ll cost. Thank you Early Bird rates! Receive a 20 % discount until December 31, 2015, or 10 % discount until February 29, 2016.

My advice: don’t rush your boss, he might dig in his heels. Talk figures.

Tip #5: attend USI as part of a company training program

This last argument strikes the decisive blow. French employees can attend the conference as part of a training program. Your HR department is gonna love that!

–> For more information, contact USI Business developper

David ETLINGER (nice guy)
+33 (0)6 13 26 70 24

My bonus: Did you know that with a little luck, your company could already be part of the Club USI ? The Conference has an enthusiastic following. Each sponsor company sends between 20 and 100 people every year. Could be you!

Well newbies, it’s all in your hands now.
I’ll be back with some more tips.

In the meantime, may the art of persuasion be with you!

And remember…

Quote "Starts with chanching yourself" with a cartoon guy trying to put on tights