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USI 2015

USI is proud to host once again at the Carrousel du Louvre on June 6 and 7, 2016.
Come for 2 days of talks with our roster of international speakers.

Tickets are now open for sale.


Why attend USI?

Digital shapes the world of business. USI connects all the dots between digital technologies, new business strategies, innovation, opportunity… without ever forgetting the role people play in the equation.
Attending USI gets you one step ahead.

Explore the trends, get inspired by experts,
expand your network, garner knowledge, and take your company’s expertise to the next level.  

How to attend?

You can attend USI alone or with a group of your peers.
French employees may also attend USI as part of a company training program. Please check with your HR department or with your manager to see if conditions apply. Register now and take advantage of our Early Bird pricing.

Good to know : USI is brought to you in partnership with the Club USI. Sponsor compagnies reserve a certain number of tickets in advance. To find out if tickets are available to you, please contact your supervisor.

Ticket rates

You may notice that our rates have increased for the first time in 8 years. This is because USI has moved up in the world. Year after year, we’ve provided you with more exclusive programming in an even grander venue. Raising our rates was the only way we could carry on bringing you the quality we strive to offer.

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